Event strategy

Participants Registration

We identify the target group and attract participants through an extensive online and offline information campaign. We keep participants updated by sending e-mails with the status of the registration, the events related to the conference, the scientific and / or social program, etc. From the payment of the registration fee to the receipt of the participation certificate, each participant finds in us the answers they need.

Speaker Management

Invited speakers are an essential component of any scientific program and, implicitly, of any event. Their expertise brings added value and contributes significantly to the success of an event. Therefore, managing their participation in the event is a key issue, which requires maximum efficiency. From the invitation to participate to the post-event “Thank You” letter, our team has the necessary experience to make collaborating with speakers a memorable one for everyone involved.

Partnership & Exhibition Management

In our almost 30 years of activity, we have developed close connections with companies in the medical services and pharma industry, so their needs are more than familiar to us. This experience, corroborated with a strong PCO know-how, recommends us for the concluding of partnerships within the best parameters, with maximum benefits for both companies and events.

Accommodation & Transportation Services

To provide participants with a memorable experience, we consider all aspects of their participation in the event. We prepare an accommodation offer with preferential rates, with a selection of hotels of different categories, located in the vicinity of the location. We take care of the reception, pick up and transfer of airport / hotel / airport guests, according to their individual flight schedule.

Scientific Program

We acknowledge the essential role of continuing medical education provided at events. The scientific contributions are registered online, and the authors are constantly informed about the status of their paprtd and any necessary updates. Using an online platform dedicated to the management of the scientific program, we provide the scientific committee with an easy and efficient framework.

Event Promotion

Once the general parameters of the event are outlined, we prepare the launch materials (poster, flyers, newsletters, company offer, etc.). We identify the appropriate communication channels and start a sustained campaign to promote and attract participants and exhibitors / partners.

Financial Management

Correct budget estimation is essential for the success of any event. Our experience gives us the expertise to propose a realistic financial estimate from early on. As we move forward with the organizational steps, we adapt the financial predictions according to the needs of the event.

Suppliers’ Management

To make sure we provide exceptional services to our customers, we research, select and negotiate preferential rates and optimal delivery conditions. We manage the relationship with the suppliers during the whole period of preparation and development of the event.

Hybrid & Virtual Events

2020 has brought along a huge challenge that transformed the way we live, the way we work, the way we interact and relate to each other.
In the face of these attempts, we assumed the motto Don't let a good crisis go to waste and we adapted to the new context. We have done a thorough research of software and services, tested, selected and developed in order to offer our partners a safe and effective alternative to face-to-face events: hybrid or even completely virtual events, of various proportions, depending of necessities.

PR & Media Relations

Whether you want to promote an event, increase the visibility of your company or strengthen the loyalty of existing customers, we can assist you with the necessary tools. We design the right messages for your initiative, set campaign goals, select optimal communication channels, and establish a strategy that brings maximum benefits.

Destination Management Company

The experience gained in the almost 30 years by organizing events at national level recommends us as the natural option for DMC services for international events organized in our country. Thanks to long-term collaborations with various service providers, we can assist external PCO companies through consulting in relation to venue, social and tourist program design, local transportation, recruitment of ancillary staff, layout and printing of event materials, as well as other services, depending on the customer's needs. We quickly adapt to the requirements of the international organizer with efficient solutions so as to contribute to the overall quality of the event and to a better ROI for the external PCO company.